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eSportsCards began in 2014 at the Tiroler Hut, an Austrian/German cuisine restaurant in London, when Chris and Ken met to discuss potential for technological advancements like Google Glass could be used improve the experience for fans of professional sports. After returning home, Michael was roped in and we determined that we needed to find a fan experience that we could achieve without mountains of debt.

After multiple discussions, several ideas were floated and we settled on creating a new community app for the collecting community. Our initial focus has been realized in the creation of the ScoutingReport app and community marketplace within, the Collector's Arena.

The ScoutingReport app was created to bring the card collecting hobby back to a modern version of the past. Having suffered through notebooks, cards that were kept in sleeves and later spreadsheets, something needed to be more readily available and more robust. These ideas were brought to bear in the SR app. Carrying your collection with images of your cards and the quality of your cards along with reduction in required industry nomenclature to store your card inventory. The app needed the flexibility to allow the collector to organize in a logical manor to them, so we used popular sporting terms like roster and lineup for the collector to manage their inventory.

The Collector's Arena, which is only accessible within the ScoutingReport app, is designed to allow an update to the old school trading with a peer-to-peer platform for buying, selling and trading cards. As the owner of the card, I can set my price and not worry about elongated auctions or costly memberships and monthly fees to host my collection that is for sell. All transactions are conducted via PayPal.

We also have children in mind allowing parents to setup a child account, limits access to what they can see and more importantly, how much they can spend from their parent's PayPal account without authorization. This was a necessary component as the future of the hobby are the kids.


I am an information technology consultant with 20 years Java development and Enterprise Solution.

I have been a sports collectible enthusiast since the late 70's.

I enjoy all US major sports, but my passion is football and much to my father's disappointment I have been a lifelong Steelers fan. Since meeting Chris in 2008, I have found that Rugby is a refreshing sport to engage and enjoy.

As a technologist and technology consultant I am continually working with clients and companies to determine ways to make technology make them more competitive and efficient.

As a sports fan and hobbyist, I felt that the current solutions out there were not created with the hobby or fan experience taken into consideration. So I started asking myself how can technology improve the hobbyist's experiences: replace notebooks and spreadsheet inventories; authentication and grading; fraud and card manipulation.

That's when we started looking into the ScoutingReport App and additional Collector's Arena marketplace to begin bringing the collector back into a cohesive community.


I am an enterprise solution Architect and infrastructure implementation specialist with 20 years in various sectors.

I have been a sporting enthusiast for many years, my passions are rugby and motorsport. I was a season ticket holder for Saracens Rugby club and hold an ARDS Race License. I am currently buliding my own race car with a view to go circuit racing in the near future.

As a technologist I have always been interested in using technology to make life simpler and better. Technology has enhanced our lives in ways we would never have imagined 10 years ago.

As a sports fan I have always been interested in sport and what it brings to our daily lives. As we have seen in the first months of 2020, life without sport is a bitter pill to swallow.

By utilizing technology we are able to offer the sports fan and hobbyist a new experience that will hopefully enhance the experience and bring one of the oldest sports hobbies into the 21st century.


I am a realtor in the Dallas/Fort Worth market. I also am an experienced photographer and graphic artists.

I have been working on and off in the sports card industry including time spent at Burbank Sports Cards and Panini America.

I have been in love with this hobby since I was a ten-year-old kid and have surrounded myself with it ever since.

My goal for the app is to bring card collecting back to the community, like it was when I was I kid just collecting cards. Hopefully through the creation of this app my love of cards can continue through the modern collector.