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Why is The Scouting Report App $4.99

Like most things, Mobile Device applications time time, money and resources to develop and maintain.

The Scouting report App has taken over 5 years to design and develop. And this has not come with an insignificant cost. There are very few options available to be able to provide the service we do:

  • inundate users with adverts which we know nobody likes.
  • implement a transaction fee percentage like our competitors.
  • charge a small amount for the application

We chose to charge a small fee for the application which is about the same cost as a pack of cards in your local card shop. This is a fair amount to charge for the full featured app that we are providing.


How are the Card Prices Set?

Card prices are set by individual sellers using the platfrom. We do encourage seller to prices cards appropriate to current market values.


Why are cards priced excesivley high in the Collecotrs Arena

Folks are wrongly assuming we are setting the prices of cards. But let me clear up this misconception. We provide the platform for collectors and traders alike to buy and sell their cards and price them as they see fit. We do not set the prices of these cards. The price is set by each individual seller.

We know there are a number of cards that are over priced and we review these on a regular basis. We do advertise what is currently available on the platform and encourage those selling and those intending on selling to price their cards according to market forces, unless of course you don't want your cards to sell.

Unlike other platforms we do not change a transaction or listing fee so the price paid for the card is the price the seller achieves for the card. A well known auction site may charge in excess of 10% of the sale value of the card together with a listing fee thus reducing the real value of the card to the seller. We want to put that back in your pocket.

  How do I pay for the cards I would like to Purchase

All sales transactions are handled via PayPal. you will need a valid PayPal account registered in the system and have PayPal installed on your mobile device.